Monday, February 8, 2016


The music stopped suddenly. Magician entered into the stage with a colorful HAT.  Just after reaching  the center of the stage, he dropped his HAT. A big thing popped up from the HAT. Ooh, what is this?

It has UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) 128-bit value, meaning of each bit defined by several variant. It may take a DNS type approach e.g.

Before looking further, Magician enchanted

Then the user account turned into four with a wink. See 'The Sign Of Four'.
  • Owner
  • Direct Data Creditor
  • Direct Data Debtor
  • Platform owner.
All of them wore different colorful dresses based on their role. They start moving like the puppet with the  sting of access control.


People (Who)
Things (What)
Event   (When)
Location (Where)
Organization (With whom)

 Magician again enchanted


There were lots of insects like bee covered up the stage. There was an infinite buzz. Those bees are galaxies of properties (like name,lastUpdated,description,id,dateCreated). Those entities could whisper with each other by exchanging information. 

They have their own meetup group based on their common interests.

Curtain fell down. Show stopped.

Magician drew plenty of diagrams with his knowledge. I got a glimpse of few.

Different modes of magic

What next...?
  • Conceptualization (Abstract Model)
  • Explicit (Meaning of all concepts must be defined)
  • Formal (Machine understandable)
  • Shared (Consensus about Ontology)

Lonely Data

The show was over. The magician was returning through the expressway. A different feeling engulfed his mind.

"It is data expressway. A huge amount of data is passing by relentlessly.

Aside the expressway, there is lonely user data. Actually, data is not alone. Keen interest in Malacca hotels gives company to this user data. It is one of the properties of user data.  In the expressway some hotel data also moving at high speed. They are also interested in someone as their guest. These data can come across shake hands with each other and smile to their common interest.

Can we selectively publish user data?
Can we arrange the meeting between user data and business data?

Who will do the magic?
Can data flag to other data like the human being?"

Man N-Machine

Today the magician is in a different mood. It's a new day. Every day is a new beginning. Beginning of new possibilities, but his mind is roaming in the past. Ancient Greek civilization, how those great people represent their knowledge? They were sharing their knowledge using Ontology. "Ontology is a systematic account of Existence" allures his world.

Suddenly there is a knocking at the door. His neighbor little boy "Poi" is knocking. His universe is full of questions. Sometimes his queries exhaust the Magician. Two things he feels limitation of his knowledge, and how difficult it is to explain this 4-year-old boy properly. Acquiring knowledge and representing it, none of them are easy. But always keeps him busy.

Today he is calm like to stay in his own world. The boy shouts at him "Hey, Look at me, Listen to me."

Poi: What is written on the machine?
Magician: Logic
Poi: What is Logic?
Magician: Manufacturer of the AC Machine?
Poi: What is the manufacturer?
Magician: Company which manufactures this AC Machine.
[Murmurs to himself manufacturer is one the property of AC Machine.]
Poi: What are you talking about?
Magician: Try to make a web ontology language?
Poi: !! LANGUAGE !! I hate to study, I do not want to study.
Magician: No need to study. Just want to play. It's all about OWL.
Poi: I know about OWL. It is a bird. Stay awake at the night.
Magician: Every night OWL comes to my window to have a talk. We draw together different pictures.
Poi: Do not tell me lie. If he comes to your window at night, why I have never seen him?
Magician: He only comes at night, when all the children fall to sleep. He likes to maintain peace. Like Santa Clause comes silently and gives you gift during Christmas time. Sometimes give you sweet dream also.
Poi: I dream machines. A lot of machines. Pump machine, they are ON sometimes and making the sound. When they are OFF they do not make any sound.
[Magician murmurs pump machine is another type of machine, with two states on and off. At on state they make sound.]
Poi: Can you show me some OWL picture?
Magician: In OWL world every resource is a thing. The machine, toy everything you see. If you close your eyes what comes in your mind all are things.

[Magician starts drawing. Poi poi looks silently]

But Poi is not happy. He is not able to find the manufacturer "Logic", also, where is ON/OFF state?

Here "Logic" is a company which manufactures AC machine.

ON-OFF state. They are of type boolean and disjoint to each other. Either in one of the state.

But Poi looks unhappy. Why? The machine only makes the sound when it is ON. Can you draw that one?
Making sound is a type of Event. Everything is a subclass of Thing.

Now when AC Machine is ON it will make the sound. When AC Machine is OFF it will not make any sound.

Poi laughs at the picture, how to show machine is ON, but does not make sound means it is spoiled.

Is the magician in trouble?

 Poi thinks so and brings the thinking chair. Ask magician to sit on that chair and spend some time on analysis.

Our Poi (Person Of Interact, Point Of Interest) is interested to know whether the magician can Have All the Things (HAT) ?


Our magician  spinning the globe again and again as if he wants to rule the world. Poi is looking surprisingly to him.  His magician opens the exercise book. What's there?

magician:Machine rdf:type rdfs:class ;
                               rdfs:label "Machine" .

magician:ACMachine rdf:type rdfs:Class ;
                                    rdfs:label "AC Machine" ;
                                    rdfs:subClassOf magician:Machine .

            rdf:type rdf:Property ;
            rdfs:range xsd:boolean ;
            rdfs:domain magician:ACMachine ;
           rdfs:label "State" .

         rdf:type rdf:Property ;
         rdfs:range xsd:boolean;
         rdfs:domain magician:ACMachine ;
         rdfs:label "Making Sound" .

   spin:constraint [
       rdf:type sp:Construct ;
      sp:text """
     # If ACMachine is ON must make sound
        _:cv a spin:ConstraintViolation ;
        spin:violationRoot ?this ;
       spin:violationPath magician:State ;
      rdfs:label "If ACMachine is ON but does not make sound means it is spoiled"
    WHERE {
        FILTER (?magician:State == 'True' && ?magician:makingSound == 'False' )

The instances of spin:ConstraintViolation is to create violation report. Constraints are attached to classes using the property spin:constraint and they apply to all instances of the associated class and its subclasses.

Instances of ACMachine that fall this condition (ON but not making any sound) are reported as the constraint violation. Each constraint violation may also have a human-readable label (e.g. "If ACMachine is ON but does not make sound means it is spoiled" ) and other properties.

SPIN - the SPARQL Inferencing Notation

Poi is disappointed looking at this expression, why the world is not simple. Is there any simpler way to do this?

Whether machine or not?

           For machines whether AC Machine or not?
                   For AC Machine turn it ON, is it making a sound?